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SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.

SolaX Power Australia and New Zealand Partner Summit 2024


SolaX Power Australia and New Zealand Partner Summit 2024

March 18th-23rd


This year marks a significant milestone in the journey of SolaX Power. At the beginning of the year, the successful listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange not only demonstrated SolaX Power's influence in the domestic capital market but also signaled the beginning of a new journey towards leapfrog development for the company. In this vibrant season of spring, the grand opening of the SolaX Power Australia and New Zealand Partnership Summit injects fresh vitality into the company's international strategic layout.


Located in Tonglu, the headquarters of SolaX Power enjoys unique advantages with its beautiful natural scenery and profound cultural heritage, providing an exceptional environment for the company's growth. On this fertile land, SolaX Power relentlessly pursues excellence, offering a range of high-quality smart energy products and services to global customers. At this summit, SolaX Power has specially invited partners from Australia and New Zealand to visit our smart factory and experience firsthand the latest achievements of SolaX Power in technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing.



During the summit, SolaX Power's leadership engaged in in-depth discussions with partners on industry trends, market opportunities, and cooperation prospects. It was unanimously agreed that with the global transformation of energy structure and the rapid development of renewable energy, the photovoltaic energy storage and grid connection fields will usher in unprecedented development opportunities. As a leading enterprise in this field, SolaX Power possesses strong research and development capabilities, advanced production technology, and abundant market experience, fully capable of seizing opportunities and leading industry development.



At the same time, partners also highly praised SolaX Power's performance in the Australian and New Zealand markets. They believe that SolaX Power has won extensive recognition and trust from local customers with its outstanding product quality and comprehensive service system. In the future, both parties will further strengthen cooperation, jointly explore markets, and achieve mutual benefits.


Looking ahead, SolaX Power will continue to adhere to the philosophy of "innovation, quality, and service," continuously promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and provide global customers with higher quality, more efficient, and smarter energy solutions. Meanwhile, the company will also enhance close cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, jointly promote the transformation and development of the global energy structure, and contribute to the construction of a clean, low-carbon, and efficient energy system.

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SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.
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